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Why Fragtastic is the Best!

Fragtastic Reef is a REAL store with REAL Customer Service. Shopping online can be frustrating not knowing who is selling out of their basement or garage. Fragtastic Reef is one of the very few REAL fish stores that also sells online, and has a FULL Brick and Motar Retail Store! We not only have a full retail location but also a warehouse with massive selection of inventory in stock, and you can even pickup at our retail location.

Most products on our website are in stock and shipped by us from our retail location.

Be sure to also go to Our Facebook Page and Like Us. We have giveaways, discounts, and specials on there all the time. There is no purchase necessary on our giveaways and prizes. Make sure also to sign up for our Email updates, to keep in the loop with new products and specials we are doing.

You can finally stop waiting on hold with those other online vendors. Fragtastic Reef is open 7 DAYS A WEEK - Because we care about your success and your tank!

Fragtastic Reef Blog

New Archon Aquarium Controller by Digital Aquatics is now available.

Archon the new WiFi controller by Digital Aquatics is now available to order!

If you're looking for an aquarium controller the Archon can do it all and is backwards compatible with all the previous powerbars, modules, and probes!

You can view full details of the NEW Archon Controller by Digital Aquatics on our website here:

Take your old Reefkeeper controller to a whole new level and upgrade the Head unit to the Archon.  The Archon controller can use all your old items from your previous Reefkeeper and has WiFi built right in.

Limitless possibilities with the Archon Controller!

Archon uses a Linux-based operating framework running open-source code, giving more advanced users the ability to modify their system however they wish. If that’s a little too technical, no worries – Archon is already configured to monitor and control 100 modules, with future expandability to run up to an astounding 255 separate modules.

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