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Why Fragtastic is the Best!

Fragtastic Reef is a REAL store with REAL Customer Service. Shopping online can be frustrating not knowing who is selling out of their basement or garage. Fragtastic Reef is one of the very few REAL fish stores that also sells online, and has a FULL Brick and Motar Retail Store! We not only have a full retail location but also a warehouse with massive selection of inventory in stock, and you can even pickup at our retail location.

Most products on our website are in stock and shipped by us from our retail location.

Be sure to also go to Our Facebook Page and Like Us. We have giveaways, discounts, and specials on there all the time. There is no purchase necessary on our giveaways and prizes. Make sure also to sign up for our Email updates, to keep in the loop with new products and specials we are doing.

You can finally stop waiting on hold with those other online vendors. Fragtastic Reef is open 7 DAYS A WEEK - Because we care about your success and your tank!

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Review of Hatchery Diet Pellet Foods by Sustainable Aquatics

Sustainable Aquatics has been around for a long time, and so have their foods.  We used to sell massive amounts of it and lost a supplier that carried it.  We now are buying direct from Sustainable to bring back the most popular pellet food for our customers!  Available in different pellet sizes of .8mm and 1.2mm it is one of the best and nutritious foods available for fish.  The smaller .8mm size is great for feeding smaller fish and fry to mid-sized fish.  

If your looking to get into fish and want an idea what food you should use, pellet foods are one of the best options.  Flakes and frozen are good to mix in also but usually a majority of it goes to waste.  Pellet foods ensure that you can feed a small amount at a time to ensure maximum consumption by your livestock.  

Hatchery Diet Pellet foods by Sustainable are available in 4oz and 8oz bottles.

These foods are amazing!  We used to use New Life Spectrum as a substitute for this food when we lost our supplier.  For medium to larger sized fish the 1.2mm pellet food is awesome to use and very nutritious.  Packed with the best ingredients we highly recommend this food, and is now what we use again in our store!

Have questions or want more information on Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Foods visit them on our website.

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