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Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner - Review, Thoughts, and Opinions does it work?

Well I believe some of you know that we have been dosing Vibrant on a tank at our retail store (mixed reef) with a very bad case of Byropsis. It has been a battle for months and decided to use Vibrant reef blend on it. Well today I can finally say that the Byropsis has finally bit the dust and the clear winner is Vibrant.

Please note: We heard about Vibrant many months before selling it, but I never will sell something without feedback or personal experience that it works! I was contacted by my friend Brett on Vibrant and he assured me that it really did work, so I ordered some in about a month later and began to test and use it on a Byropsis ridden tank that I have been beyond frustrated with for months. At first I thought when I first heard of Vibrant that it was just some snake oil that someone was just trying to make a quick buck on. I knew nothing about it or the company that even made it until I did some research and Brett contacted me about it. With the tank we are testing it on I have tried just about everything and thought I have nothing to lose!!

Here is my thoughts on Vibrant and opinions: ( we sell Vibrant but I feel it is a must to always be honest with opinions and experiences to benefit everyone)
1. It works but very slowly on Byropsis. It took us over 2 months to eradicate it with double doses every week. (1ml per gallon twice a week). With fish only I would recommend to maybe even dose more aggressive.
2. All other algae was gone from the tank in just a couple single doses per week, however the Byropsis remained and I became frustrated. I called and talked with Jeff who makes Vib and was told to dose 2 times a week for nasty algae.
3. During dosing I didn't notice a change in skim or any overflowing on the skimmer (Classic 110 Octopus w/ Aquatrance pump).
4. After first dose I noticed the water and glass more clear and free of algae and have had to clean the glass less often.
5. Inverts; peppermint shrimp, snails, and crabs. None of them were affected from our observation from dosing and all fish are still thriving (or Vib'n haha)
6. LPS and Softies are never better and looking great.
7. SPS seem to have taken a beating and some have bleached and receded (see more info below)

Explanation of SPS with using Vibrant:
Well everything thrives on the Vib in our 48 rimless aquarium but the SPS in the tank (monti and Acro) took some abuse. They are not dead, however the SPS did seem to bleach out a little and become more pale in coloration. I believe this could be due to the fact of the water being more clear, allowing the light to penetrate more causing the SPS to get more light than they were used to. I didn't have a PAR meter and never thought of testing this but I believe this may be the cause. I didn't notice any bleaching until about a month of dosing. I would recommend to keep a close eye on any tank you have with SPS in it and if using LED's to adjust your power levels down to possibly compensate the "cleaner" water.

I feel that if doing just regular single doses per week with basic softies, fish only, or LPS tanks to get rid of hair algae or something similar Vibrant is a good choice and really works.

Remember Vibrant don't fix what is causing your algae and tank maintenance should never be ignored, however if your losing colonies or frags to algae it is a good solution.

Sorry for the long story but really wanted to give some feedback for everyone and my honest opinion. If you have any questions please let me know anytime via email or phone. We are not a sponsor on R2R and don't visit this forum that often as I am so busy with customers.

You can buy Vibrant on our website and get your Vib on and your algae gone!

Thank you & Sincerely,
Garrett - Owner of Fragtastic Reef & a Reefer 18+ years that got his Vib on

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