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Neptune Systems Apex Controllers & Modules for total aquarium control.

Considered some of the best on the market when control matters with your aquarium. Apex Controllers by Neptune Systems has some of the best solutions for controlling your aquarium.  An Apex controller could make all the difference, and is probably one of the best investments you can make for your aquarium.

We carry all the Apex Systems, modules, probes, and accessories you would need for your Apex aquarium controller In Stock!

Apex EL Controller

Entry level controller, the ApexEL Controller comes with a temperature probe, Double Junction PH probe, EB832 outlet bar, and calibration fluid to get you started.  After using the APEXEL controller on your aquarium it can be upgraded to meet any needs you may have on your tank.

Apex WiFi Controller

The Next Generation Apex controller includes Wifi built in and comes with better probes and 1 Link modules built into the EB 832 power bar.  It comes with almost anything you would need for modules and probes.  It includes Lab grade PH probe, Lab Grade conductivity (salinity) probe, Temp probe, ORP probe, and the calibration solution for each.  This controller is ideal for ozone, reactors, and other additional devices when accuracy matters most.

We are a Trusted Authorized Retailer & Dealer for ALL Neptune Systems Products & Apex Controllers!

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