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Octopus skimmers have a large variety of accessories that you can add to make your protein skimmer more effective.  We also sell a variety of skimmer pumps and replacement parts.

Octopus Neck Extensions -  A great solution to increase the reaction area of any Octopus skimmer.  Great addition to your skimmer especially when carbon dosing, or need to get more of a dry skimmate.

Octopus Automatic Cleaner Heads - ANC or Auto Neck Cleaners are a great solution to maximize your skimmer performance.  The cleaner you keep your skimmer neck the better it will skim!

Octopus Waste Collector - Use the Octopus WC 140 to collect the nasty stuff from your skimmer cup into the chamber.  Combined with a neck cleaner your able to skim a very long time without having to clean or empty.  The WC-140 also has 

Octopus Output Vent - Stop the splashing and noise of the water leaving the skimmer with the output vent, designed to not cause back-pressure on the pump and keep the skimmer optimized.

SKIMMER PUMPS & PARTS are also available for many brands on our website.

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