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Kent has produced aquarium additives for many years.   Kent Marine products are a more general basic additive and not as concentrated as many others.  Tech M magnesium supplement is one of the best Mg supplements to use again byropsis algae and other hair algaes.

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  • Kent Tech M Magnesium

    Kent Marine Tech M safely raises the magnesium level in marine systems without upsetting the ionic balance. Increases the magnesium level to appropriate levels, allowing easier maintenance of alkalinity (buffering capacity)...

  • Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme 1oz
    $14.99 $11.99

    Kent Marine Garlic 1oz. Garlic Xtreme contains a powerful source of garlic that can serve many purposes in aquariums. Used as a food soak, Garlic Xtreme is a strong attractant, enticing finicky eaters to begin feeding...

  • Kent Marine Iodine Lugols Solution 1oz

    Kent Marine Iodine Lugols Solution 1 fl oz. Kent Iodine Lugol's provides a strong source of free iodine and iodide to reef inhabitants and macroalgae. Excellent for use with Xenia and soft corals. Enhances coral polyp...

  • Kent Marine Coral Accel 16oz

    Kent Marine Coral Accel - 16oz Description:Kent Coral Accel is a Hard & Soft Coral Growth Stimulator It provides complex proteins which provide a natural source of necessary amino acids that spur coral tissue growth...

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