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We only sell quality aquarium heaters and chillers that are available for your saltwater aquarium.  

Aquarium heaters like Finnex Titanium heaters and Eheim Jager submersible heaters plus other proven brands are the best to use for your saltwater fish tank.  We also carry a line of aquarium grounding probes to prevent electrical shock from faulty pumps, heaters, and other equipment.  Having a large selection gives you the best options for an aquarium heater or chiller.  Most of the best submersible heaters are titanium and generally require a controller to operate.  Finnex HMO titanium heaters actually have a digital heater controller built into them, where the deluxe titanium heaters do not and require a seperate temperature controller.

Its is also a good idea when setting up your tank to use a temperature controller or device to control your heaters.  Even though the best aquarium heaters usually last a long time, there is always a chance of failure with any heater on the market.  Be sure to look at our Apex Controllers by Neptune for full control over your aquarium system, or the digital controllers we sell specifically for heaters.

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