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Aquarium Supplements and dosing pumps are to balance your reef saltwater aquarium parameters.  Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, Iodine, and everything else you need to supplement and dose.  At Fragtastic Reef we carry the full line of quality, best selling dosing and supplement products.  Including AquaVitro, SeaChem, BRS, Simplicity, and all the other dosing supplies you may need. 

Testing and maintaining the proper leves in your aquairum will not only make you more successful, but your tank and corals will thrive with proper dosing supplements!  Be sure to always purchase quality test kits before dosing anything into your system.  We sell a large selection of two part dosing supplements, aquarium dosing pumps, calcium reactors, and much more.  If your looking at keeping your levels consistant a calcium reactor can be an amazing thing to have on a higher demand tank.

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