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Fragtastic Reef carries a large selection of aquarium test kits, salinity refractometers, and hydrometers for your aquarium or reef tank.  Providing established, balanced, and quality water levels will promote healthy livestock and using proper test kits makes a huge difference.  Keeping your water levels and salinity balanced with a refractometer will greatly increase your success with your saltwater aquarium, and enhance coral growth and color.

Whenever dosing or adding to your aquarium with supplements be sure to always purchase a quality test kit first.

Hydrometers and Salinity Refractometers - We recommend always to use a salinity refractometer when testing your specific gravity or salinity levels.  Refactometers are far more accurate than hydrometers, giving you much more control on your tank levels.  We recommend to run a SG of 1.025-1.026 on a saltwater reef tank with corals.  If doing a fish only system you can run your salinity lower if wanted.  We have different brands and options for refactometers and hydrometers.  When buying a refractometer be sure it has calibration solution included or you also purchase some seperately.

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