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Rod's Food is a frozen food made with high quality ingredients.  Packed with only the best Rod's Frozen Food is a staple to feed your tank.  With a large variety of blends; Original, Fish Only, Coral Blend, and many more.

Rods Food can only be shipped Overnight or 2nd Day to ensure the food remains in a frozen state.  After your order we will contact you to make sure the proper shipping option was selected. 

Grid List
  • Rod's Food Predator Blend frozen fish food

    Rod's Food Predator Blend   Rod's Food PREDATOR BLEND is much like the Fish Only Blend but with pieces that are much larger for predatory fish.  Rods food is made of all high quality ingredients and is one of the...

  • Rod's Food Pacific Plankton

    Rod's Food Pacific Plankton   Pacific Plankton blend is a saltwater species of mysis and fish go crazy for it!  We all like a little variety in our diets and marine animals are no different. Pacific Plankton...

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