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Aquarium Water Pumps and submersible are used for returning your water from your filtration sump.

Water Pumps can also be used externally or in a closed loop system on your aquarium.  We carry a large selection of water pumps and the best brands available.  DC water pumps have now become the most common selling aquarium pumps available for return pumps for a sump.  DC pumps are energy efficient and provide a huge amount of flow or gallons per hour.  When picking an aquarium sump pump generally you will want to go about ten times your water volume in the main tank.  This will usually give plenty of flow with wavemakers or powerheads, and allow you a good turn over rate in your sump.  

Going with a DC controllable water pump is the most ideal since it allows you to be able to change the flow when you need to.  Using a DC water pump will allow you to use it with reactors or other filter media reactors and still have flow to spare.

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