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Eheim Universal submersible aquarium pumps are a very quiet and energy efficent way for a return pump or to pump water to a reactor.  Universal pumps are ultra quiet and great for reactors, return pumps, and overall water movement.   Using only high quality parts makes them a great choice for your aquarium.

Eheim Compact and Compact Plus water pumps are now available and highly recommended.

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  • Eheim Universal Aquarium Pumps

    Eheim Universal pumps are reliable and can be used in freshwater or saltwater applications.  Available in different sizes the Eheim Hobby Pumps can be used as a return pump for a sump, media reactors, or many other...

  • Eheim Compact+ 3000 Pump

    The new EHEIM Compact+ Pump series for use in, or out of water is available with three different controllable outputs: 265-528, 396-792 and 660-1320 gph. They are suitable for use in aquariums, keeping and rearing tanks...

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