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Why Fragtastic is the Best!

Fragtastic Reef is a REAL store with REAL Customer Service. Shopping online can be frustrating not knowing who is selling out of their basement or garage. Fragtastic Reef is one of the very few REAL fish stores that also sells online, and has a FULL Brick and Motar Retail Store! We not only have a full retail location but also a warehouse with massive selection of inventory in stock, and you can even pickup at our retail location.

Most products on our website are in stock and shipped by us from our retail location.

Be sure to also go to Our Facebook Page and Like Us. We have giveaways, discounts, and specials on there all the time. There is no purchase necessary on our giveaways and prizes. Make sure also to sign up for our Email updates, to keep in the loop with new products and specials we are doing.

You can finally stop waiting on hold with those other online vendors. Fragtastic Reef is open 7 DAYS A WEEK - Because we care about your success and your tank!

Fragtastic Reef Blog

IceCap Gyre Wavemaker Pumps now available in new models.

Icecap Gyre pumps are affordable and are now available in new updated models.  The Gyre 2k and 4k models offer more features, better operation, and even better control.  The IceCap Gyre Flow Pumps are super affordable and offer complete flexibility on your aquarium.  

Combine the Icecap Gyre wavemakers with the HYDROS WaveEngine and you have total control at the tip of your fingers using the App available for smartphones.  

Here is some of the details and Specifications on the pumps:

Gyre 2K Technical Specs

  • Rating:Aquariums 20-90+ Gallons
  • Maximum Flow:2,000 Gallons Per Hour
  • Minimum Flow:739 Gallons Per Hour
  • Power Consumption:8-25 Watts
  • Size:8.78L x 2.83W x 1.5H
  • Weight:457g/16.10z
  • Cable Length: 6ft
  • Tank Thickness:Up to ½” thick
  • Glass or Acrylic:Safe for Both

Gyre 4K Technical Specs

  • Rating:Aquariums 25-150+ Gallons
  • Maximum Flow:4,000 Gallons Per Hour
  • Minimum Flow:1,286 Gallons Per Hour
  • Power Consumption:13-45 Watts
  • Size (in):12L x 3.15W x 1.7H
  • Weight: 711g/25.1oz
  • Cable Length: 6ft
  • Tank Thickness:Up to ⅝" thick
  • Glass or Acrylic:Safe for Both

IceCap Gyre Flow Pumps are available now with a controller and without!  Making it cheaper to use a WaveEngine to control just the pump only units.

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HYDROS WaveEngine control all your DC pumps from a simple App on your smartphone.

The HYDROS WaveEngine is a simple device that makes controlling your aquarium simple and affordable.  The WaveEngine by Coralvue can control almost any DC pump or powerhead using an app on your smartphone!  Ecotech Marine can be controlled wirelessly with the ETM version of the HYDROS WaveEngine.  A single app controls a variety of different pumps [...]

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Review of Hatchery Diet Pellet Foods by Sustainable Aquatics

Sustainable Aquatics has been around for a long time, and so have their foods.  We used to sell massive amounts of it and lost a supplier that carried it.  We now are buying direct from Sustainable to bring back the most popular pellet food for our customers!  Available in different pellet sizes of .8mm and [...]

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WavePuck by Waveline - A New kind of wavemaker for aquariums, 3000 GPH and fully Controllable.

The WaveLine WavePuck is the new controllable wavemaker on the market for aquariums.  Including a controller, there is multiple different ways to control the 3000 gallon per hour Wavepuck.  With a completely unique design the WavePuck has a magnetic mount and can be used on up to 3/4" thick glass or acrylic. has the WavePuck in [...]

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Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner - Review, Thoughts, and Opinions does it work?

Well I believe some of you know that we have been dosing Vibrant on a tank at our retail store (mixed reef) with a very bad case of Byropsis. It has been a battle for months and decided to use Vibrant reef blend on it. Well today I can finally say that the Byropsis has [...]

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Vibrant - Liquid Aquarium Cleaner by Underwater Creations

Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner for Algae removal is a new revolutionary way to control algae in a saltwater or freshwater aquarium.  If you have an algae issue in your aquarium and that green hair algae is driving you crazy like it does us, Vibrant is a perfect solution.  Perfectly reef safe for invertebrates, fish, corals, [...]

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Vortoberfest by Ecotech Marine for the month of October

Ecotech Marine is celebrating October with Vortoberfest and will be giving prizes away for the month.  Make sure to get your videos done of your Vortech pumps on their Facebook page and contests.Here is some of the information from Ecotech Marine on Vortoberfest and more can be found on their Facebook page!  Hopefully one of [...]

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Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting is now available at Fragtastic Reef

The brand new Maxspect Ethereal LED lighting is now available with a huge amount of features.  Maxspect originally came out with their Razor r420r LED lights which were a huge hit and one of the best selling aquarium lights available at the time.  The Ethereal is now even better allowing you to control it with [...]

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New Products on our Online Aquarium Store -

Our online aquarium store sells some of the best and newest aquatic supplies on the market for the aquarium hobby!  For example Ecotech Marine just released their new Radion G4 LED lighting, which gives great control over your reef tank.  Improved lighting and spread with HEI in the G4 Radion LED lights is just one [...]

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New Archon Aquarium Controller by Digital Aquatics is now available.

Archon the new WiFi controller by Digital Aquatics is now available to order!If you're looking for an aquarium controller the Archon can do it all and is backwards compatible with all the previous powerbars, modules, and probes! You can view full details of the NEW Archon Controller by Digital Aquatics on our website here: Take your old [...]

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