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The Apex controller by Neptune Systems is the best selling and trusted brand for an aquarium controller.  

Neptune Apex controllers are trusted worldwide as one of the most reliable, customer friendly controllers for aquariums on the market.  Apex controllers can control just about anything on your reef tank or saltwater system.  Controlling and monitoring with an Apex controller is simple and even easier than ever now with Apex Fusion Software.  If you thinking about buying an aquarium controller the Apex is the best solution available and highly recommended by us!  Control and monitor your temperature, PH, ORP, salinity, and even know if there is a leak in your tank with the leak detection probes.

We are an authorized dealer and retail partner with Neptune Systems and highly recommend them, we use the Apex controllers at our retail store so you can buy with confidence from us!

We are a Trusted Authorized Retailer & Dealer for ALL Neptune Systems Products & Controllers!

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