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Maxspect LED Lighting is available in Ethereal & Razor X LED's.

Maxspect Razor X LED Fixtures:  

Razor X LED light fixtures are the improved versions of the R420R models.  With more control, features, spectrum, and adjustments, the Razor X Lights are one of the best options for pricing vs coverage cost.  

Maxspect Ethereal LED Lighting:

Available and able to control up to 200 fixtures off a single Advanced Controller make the Ethereal LED lighting an awesome choice for any saltwater aquarium.  Maxspect Ethereal includes built in WiFi, 130 watts of power, and high quality LED's.  They are available in both the package which includes the Advanced controller and the Slave Unit which can be used with another Ethereal Advanced Controller. Super thin and great coverage up to 24" make the Maxspect Ethereal a perfect choice for nano tanks or even large systems. 

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