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Protein skimmers are a vital piece of equipment for any saltwater reef aquarium.  We recommend running a protein skimmer 24/7 on your system to give you a nice clear and clean water.  Protein skimmers pull DOC (dissolved organic compounds) from the aquarium water cleaning the water of waste product.  Aquarium skimmers provide a vital role in maintaining and keeping your reef tank clean and algae free.  There is a huge selection of protein skimmers available, so we make sure to carry only the best brands. 

We carry all the major brand protein skimmers for any sized tank or requirement you may have. We also sell and carry in stock the best brands for skimmers: Reef Octopus, Tunze, AquaC, Bubble Magus, SeaSide Aquatics, AquaMaxx, and many more.  If your looking for the best protein skimmers Fragtastic Reef has what you would need!  

We specialize in Protein Skimmers so contact us with any questions or what the best skimmer is for your aquarium.

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