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Aquarium Controllers and test kits are almost a must to have on large and small reef systems, Apex systems are the best aquarium controller available and we carry them in stock.  Fragtastic Reef carries not only the best aquarium controllers, but also the best reef test kits and supplies.  Controlling your tank with an aquarium controller can make taking care of it that much easier.  Getting the best selection of test kits is another way to make sure you are successful.   

We sell a huge selection of test kits available for aquariums and specialize in saltwater.  With almost an infinite amount of problems that can go wrong we highly recommend an aquarium controller for your fish tank.  Neptune Systems are highly recommended by us for ease of use, dependability, and overall most features.  An aquarium controller could help save your aquarium from a tank crash, and all it takes is one single heater to go bad. 

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