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Kessil LED's are a pendant style LED light and can be controlled with the spectral controller.

Kessil makes a variety of choices for their pendant line of LED lighting for aquariums.  Kessil LED lights can be put on large of small aquariums and the A160 and A360 lights can also be controlled with their dimming switch or an aquarium Spectral controller system.

We also carry all the KESSIL accesories for their LED lighting options.  Contact us if you don't see what your looking for on our website. 

For larger tanks we would recommend a different LED solution such as the Maxspect, AI, or Ecotech Marine products to give better coverage and features and generally will save you money.  Since the Kessil LED lights are just a single chip the light source only comes from a fixed point making it difficult or expensive to cover large aquariums with them.

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