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Remove nutrients such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and keep your aquarium clean and safe for fish and corals.  There is many different ways and additives to remove nutrients from your aquarium, and we carry a large selection to help.

Removing nutrients from your aquarium will help reduce fish and coral stress, control algae, and much more.  

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  • SeaChem Purigen - 100ml & 250ml

    Purigen is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique synthetic that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a...

  • Simplicity GFO 1lb (SIM-GFO) aquarium phosphate removal filter media

    Simplicity GFO is sold in 1lb bags and is best used in a media reactor for maximum performance, which is the same for all granular ferric oxides.  GFO is used to remove phosphate from the water reducing algae growth and...

  • NYOS PHOSI-EX GFO phosphate remover filter media for aquariums

    NYOS PHOSI-EX - Phosphate Remover - GFO NYOS PHOSI-EX is an extremely high-performance, moist and secure silicate and phosphate adsorber on an iron basis. The targeted use of PHOSI-EX will prevent unwanted algae plagues...

  • GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - 1 Pound Bulk

    GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - 1 Pound Bulk The purpose of GFO is to inhibit algae growth by removing phosphates from the aquarium. Maintaining low phosphate levels will help prevent algae outbreaks and control growth. Serious...


    NYOS ZEO NYOS ZEO is a high-quality, specially adapted zeolite mixture for seawater aquariums. Regular use reduces nitrate values permanently, simply and safely to the detection limit. Naturally pure, high-quality, free of...

  • NYOS ACTIVE CARB Activated Carbon filter media for aquariums

    NYOS ACTIVE CARB - Activated Carbon NYOS ACTIVE CARB is a high-quality, steam-activated, pH-neutral activated carbon, the use of which achieves crystal clear, clean aquarium water. Removes harmful yellow substances,...

  • NYOS AQUA PURE RO/DI resin for reverse osmosis systems

    NYOS AQUA PURE NYOS Aqua Pure is a mixed-bed DI resin, the use of which provides very pure output water for reverse osmosis systems. Very economical due to its high absorption capacity Removes reliably any ions that may...

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