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Reef Octopus skimmers are the best selling protein skimmers for the aquarium hobby.  Reef Octopus products are known for high quality product at the best price.  With multiple lines of Octopus products available, everyone should be able to afford and buy a skimmer that will fit their saltwater aquarium or reef system. At Fragtastic Reef we specialize in skimmers and always recommend Reef Octopus!

Here is some information on the Reef Octopus Skimmer Lines:

Classic Skimmers - NWB and DNWB Skimmers are the entry level skimmers that use a Aquatrance Octopus.  The NW (needle wheel) Skimmers come with a 2 year pump and 1yr body warranty.

Super Reef Octopus Skimmers come in two different body styles for most models.  The Cylinder body and Full Cone.  The Full Cone Octopus bodies give a better transition to the neck and collection cup improving there performance.  All SRO skimmers utilize the Bubble Blaster pump that comes with a 3 year warranty and 1 year on the body.  Highly recommended for larger tanks or when performance is needed on a heavy demand tank.

REGAL DC SKIMMERS are the same body design as the SRO skimmer line except they use the DC pump that is also used in the ELITE skimmers.  Making them more energy efficent and more quiet than the Super Reef line.

ELITE DC Skimmers are a new skimmer by Octopus that have a wine shaped body and use the Reef Octopus DC pumps.  The wine glass body will improve performance about the same as a full cone bodied skimmer.  Combine that with the DC pumps gives you ultimate control, performance, and efficency.  The POV skimmers also intake from the bottom of the skimmer base, which is where all the detritus and debris collects giving it a huge advantage over other skimmers.  Using the DC pump inside the body at the base will also increase contact time in the skimmer maximizing its performance and dwell time.  The POV skimmers are highly recommended for maximum performance.  The ELITE line of skimmers is the highest grade and quality of skimmers made by Octopus.

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