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Calcium reactors are a must have for large reef systems or when you need to keep the alkalinity and calcium levels stable.  

A calcium reactor can be used on small to massive aquariums and will provide a constant flow of alkalinity and calcium to your reef system.  It is always recommended when using a calcium reactor that you use a PH controller or aquarium controller to monitor the PH inside the chamber body.

We recommend either the Apex Controllers, ReefKeepers, or the Milwaukee PH control systems whenever using a Calcium Reactor and calcium reactor media.

We have vast knowledge of how to operate and use a calcium reactor setup on a saltwater aquarium.  We have used a calcium reactor setup for years on SPS and heavy demand tanks.  When considering a calcium reactor be sure that you have the right setup and your demand is enough to justify the purchase.  Calcium reactors are one of the best ways to supplement alkalinity and calcium into a reef tank. 

If you have any questions on a calcium reactor package please ask us, we are more than happy to help!

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