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Planet Aquarium makes a wide variety of aquariums and custom tanks.  They have multiple different product lines available for any aquarium you would need.  They also offer custom tanks and if interested contact us for a quote.

Different Series of Planet Aquariums available:

Crystaline Aquariums - Available in Freshwater, Reef, and Premium Reef tanks each offering different options.

  • Freshwater Crystaline - Designed for Freshwater aquariums with simple aquarium and stand design.
  • Reef Crystaline - Low Iron Glass with beveled edges, and a Trigger Systems sump, with plumbing kit.
  • Premium Reef Crystaline - Includes everything with Reef version PLUS Tideline Sump Upgrade and External Overflow Box.

Planet MEGA Matrix Aquariums - Many different standard styles and sizes are available with stands and internal or external overflows.

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