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Aqua Illumination Prime HD and Hydra HD LED lighting offers WiFi and full control. 

AquaIllumination or "AI" has the AI HYDRA 52 HD, AI HYDRA 26 HD, and AI PRIME HD lighting now available with wireless built in 

AquaIllumination has been around for many years and is a trusted aquarium LED fixture.  We carry all the AI lighting modules and accessories to fully customize your aquarium lighting.  AquaIllumination has now discontinued the SOL and VEGA lighting modules and now offer only the Hydra's.


The AquaIllumination Hydra 26 is a new designed module for LED lighting on your aquarium. The HYDRA 26 is half the size and power of the FiftyTwo model, however still outputs more power than the standard HYDRA model. It also has full control and wireless capability just like the other AI LED fixtures. 


The AI HYDRA 52 is the largest addition to the AquaIllumination modules and is the most powerful LED light they currently offer.  The Hydra 52 has full control and modular design meaning it can be upgraded and changed to what you like.  It is the most powerful light in the market for modular LED fixtures and will provide enough light for even the deepest reef aquariums.


Aqua Illumination PRIME HD LED is a WiFi light that can be fully controlled with a smart phone or tablet.  They are a perfect LED aquarium light for nano reefs, and are a very cheap alternative.  They cover an 24"x24" area and are able to be mounted with the mounting arms, hanging kits, or a goose-neck.


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